Baker's Secret

ABOUT Baker’s Secret

Baker’s Secret® bakeware is the original non-stick bakeware, with decades of manufacturing experience designed into every pan.

In 1888 Edward Katzinger founded a commercial baking pan company in Chicago named EKCO Housewares Company. In 1972 Baker’s Secret® bakeware was introduced by EKCO.

The Baker’s Secret brand stands for durability, excellent value and innovative design. It is our signature range of quality home baking products, very affordable and widely available. It is also the most extensive range of metal bakeware products catering from the standard everyday pans to the more unique shapes.

Our Baker’s Secret Philosophy is simple; we want you to be proud of what you have baked in your Baker’s Secret product- both for entertaining and for your family every day. We strive to keep our products up to date with today’s trends to provide you with the most suitable products for your baking needs.

To complete the baking package, Baker’s Secret has developed a range of baking focused accessories, aptly named Baker’s Secret Accessories.